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Target - Take at least one photo every day for the next year. Subject is open and there is no boundary on creativity. There is no theme -the photos shown are what grabbed my attention on the day.
GSK-EM1-0001663StaircaseGSK-EM1-0000524Recycled Bench Seat - GSK-G12-0003001Treasury Purple - GSK-G12-0002986Unknown Flower - GSK-G12-0002981Touching Tables - GSK-G12-0002976Concert Meringue - GSK-G12-0002957Possum Plumbago - GSK-1D-0026099Nuts and Bolts - GSK-G12-0002909Yellow Pair - GSK-G12-0002908Wet Tibouchina - GSK-G12-0002900Tap Washers - GSK-G12-0002896New Bag - GSK-G12-0002879Hot Cross Buns - GSK-G12-0002806Micro Garden - GSK-1D-0025952Reach for the Sky - GSK-G12-0002805Date Loaf - GSK-G12-0002799BlackDiscarded Fruit - GSK-G12-0002793

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